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OSPA130 - Power Adapter
  • Direct replacement for the Yamaha PA130 AC adapter
  • Smart circuit reduces power when not in use
  • Compatible with most battery-powered Yamaha keyboards such as the PSR-E403, YPT-400, EZ-200, EZAG, SV-120, SVC-50, SVC-100, SVC-200 and SVB-100
  • Also compatible with many 12V volume pedals, wah pedals, etc.
OSADE95 - Power Adapter
  • Replace a lost or damaged adapter, or save money by skipping the batteries!
  • Compatible with most Casio keyboards, including CTK, LD, and LK models
  • Right-angle plug reduces accidental dislodging and damage
  • Color: Black
  • Plug Outer Diameter: 4.8mm
  • Plug Inner Diameter: 1.6mm
  • Plug Length: 8.7mm
PS801 - 效果器电源线组合
  • 1300mA电源适配器可给8个效果器供电
  • 重型输出电缆。
  • Includes multi-plug cable for powering up to 8 pedals.8插并联连接线:多插头式,
  • 电源适配器输入:100-240V交流电,50/60Hz, 最大:0.6A 电源适配器输出:9V直流电/1300mA(正出负进) 插头尺寸:5.5/2.1mm
PS901 - Pedal Power Bank
  • Powers up to 13 pedals with use of 5-plug daisy chain (included)
  • 9 Individual outputs - 18V (1), 12V 1A (2), 9V 1A (1), 9V 100mA (5)
  • Various voltage outputs to accommodate almost any pedal
  • LED Indicators for each output
  • Heavy duty aluminum housing
  • Built-in surge protection
  • Includes: 8 power cables, 1 5-plug daisy chain, 1 reverse polarity plug, 1 power adapter (US) w/ 3 Euro plug attachments
PSA800 - 八插并联连接线
  • 可用于连接8个吉他效果器到电源上
  • 所有的内部连接线有着相同的极性
  • 9厘米之间的电线插头。
  • 5.5/2.1mm的插头尺寸
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