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UTC2200 - 多功能推车
  • 轻松地来移动设备
  • 4个前轮转向容易而且能够被锁定,8个后轮都抵抗磨损,并具有独特的纹理
  • 能支撑高达220公斤重量的装备
  • 折叠尺寸: (宽)45.72 x(长) 72.39cm 展开尺寸: (宽)45.72 x(长) 108cm 平台高度: 26.67cm 提手高度: 78.74cm
UTC1100 - Compact Utility Cart
  • Versatile utility cart with adjustable frame
  • 3" fully rotating front casters with brake locks. 6" traction-enhanced rear wheels
  • Holds up to 330 lbs (150 kg) in one trip
  • Collapsible front and rear handles for various configurations and convenient storage
UCA1500 - Utility Cart Tray
  • Converts your On-Stage Utility Cart into a mobile workstation in seconds
  • Adds a sturdy table top; perfect for mixers, DJ controllers, lighting, AV equipment, and more
  • Includes 10 cable ties and built in cable ports for clean, organized audio & power cable routing
  • Top and side mounting slots allow various height configurations, compatible on all On-Stage Utility Carts
UTC5500 - All-Terrain Utility Cart
  • P65 8" AND 10" WHEELS
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