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GBE4770 - 电吉他包
  • 重型600-D尼龙外观带皮革装饰
  • 1/2 "泡沫内衬
  • 2个外装配件口袋
  • 2个重型拉动拉链, 1个侧提手, 1个顶部提手,向后调节包带,ID标签,2袋衣架循环
GBE4550 - 4550 Series Electric Guitar Bag
  • 2-Pull zipper allows bag to be unzipped lengthwise from center
  • Rugged 600-D nylon material repels rain and is easy to clean
  • Carrying handles are stitched to both the front or back of the bag for reinforced strength
  • Front zip pocket holds your pics, replacement strings or even the removable backpack straps
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