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UM-01 - u-mount写字板安装系统球接连接器
  • u-mount 系列的平板支撑产品的一部分
  • 钢材球接头,5/8”-27 螺纹
  • 360°旋转与 180°倾斜
  • 磨砂面的球与杯可在任何角度承受最大压力
  • 超大琐钮
  • 镀铬机加工钢材结构
UM-97 - u-mount Pull-Back Release Sleeve
  • Connects to u-mount® series quick release mounting posts
  • Male 5/8-27 threading works with all standard mic clips, goosenecks, gender changers and more
  • Add a second quick release to your existing u-mount® or use it as a component to build whatever accessory you need!
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