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TCM1900 - 带u-Mount结构通用设备架
  • 易用性和多功能性的理想平衡
  • 在任意地方使用,麦克风架,音乐架,椅子,汽车头枕等等
  • 安装后可用于打字或观看视频
  • 兼容标准11-19mm圆形麦克风支架管。适合阅读乐谱,打字,和其他活动。舒适的安装手柄,安装柱兼容桌面或其它平面,安装后可以在上面自由地使用你的移动设备,适用于音频工程师,小学教师,音频演示人等
TCM1901 - U-Mount Universal Grip-On System w/ Round Clamp
  • The ideal balance of ease and versatility
  • Compatible with tubing up to 29mm (1.14") in diameter
  • Mounting post functions for typing or viewing videos
  • Clamp stays put while you're free to roam with your mobile device
  • Mounting Post doubles as a monopod to prop your mobile device upon desktops or other flat surfaces
  • Perfect for audio engineers, grade school teachers, AV presenters, and everyone in between

TCA917 - iPad® Snap-On™ Magnetic Cover
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Simply line up the magnetic hinge with the open edge of your Snap-On™ Cover and you’re done!
  • Let the cover hang free while in use, or remove it entirely, whichever you prefer.
  • Soft protective polyurethane cover.
  • Easy on, easy off magnetic hinge keeps cover attached to the tablet while in use.
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