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  • Deluxe Keyboard Tier | KSA8500

Deluxe Keyboard Tier

Deluxe Keyboard Tier
  • Fits any keyboard stand with 1" or 30mm, round or square tubing, including On-Stage Z stands

  • 2 Sets of support arms can hold 2nd keyboard, or combination of laptops and other DJ equipment

  • All independent arms are height, angle, depth, and width adjustable for maximum customization

  • Ability to create a 3rd tier by raising middle arms to max height, and lowering outer arms

  • Telescoping stabilizer bar adjusts with the width of any stand up to 32"

  • Independent arm width adjustments totaling 43.5"

  • Posi-Lok design adjusts and locks the support arms in 10-degree increments

  • Non-slip rubber end caps

  • Weight Capacity: 66 lbs. (33 lbs. per set of arms)

Product Attributes
ApplicationHolds multiple keyboards, mixers, drum machines, and additional gear
Weight Capacity66 lbs. (33 lbs. per set of arms)
Arm Depth15.5"
Arm Depth Adjustment10.5"
Arm Height Adjustment10" - 16" (from keyboard stand)
Arm Tubing1.1"
Support Bar Tubing (outer)1"
Support Bar Tubing (inner)0.75"
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Beyond versatile, the transformative On-Stage KSA8500 boasts 2 sets of fully and independently adjustable arms for the ultimate in 2nd tier -- or even 2nd and 3rd tier -- customization. Compatible with any 1" square or 30mm round-tubed stand, as well as On-Stage Z stands, each of the KSA8500's support arms feature an independent 10-degree increment posi-lok adjustment for height, angle, depth and width, providing 43.5" of total width distributed over a 2nd or 2nd and 3rd tier configuration. The telescoping stabilizer bar accommodates keyboard stands up to 32" in width, while non-slip rubber end caps protect an almost limitless array of keys, laptops, mixers and more.
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On-Stage Stands
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Deluxe Keyboard Tier
Holds multiple keyboards, mixers, drum machines, and additional gear
66 lbs. (33 lbs. per set of arms)
10" - 16" (from keyboard stand)
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