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  • Product Image: 14117_DB200_OSS_zoom.jpg
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Mini DI Box

Mini DI Box
  • Great for guitar, bass, keyboard, and more
  • Compact footprint ideal for pedalboard use (Includes hook & loop)
  • 20dB pad, cabinet simulator, and ground lift controls
  • 1/4" Unbalanced output, and XLR balanced output
  • True bypass
Product Attributes
Input Impedance1M Ohms
Output Impedance1k Ohms
Current Draw12mA
Power Supply9V DC, center negative (not included)
Specsheet is not available
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As rugged as it is versatile and compact, the On-Stage DB200 Mini DI Box features plus/minus 20dB pad, cabinet simulator and ground lift controls as well as 1/4" unbalanced and XLR balanced outputs. Ideal for guitar, bass, keyboards and more, the DB200 includes a hook and loop system for swift, secure pedalboard mounting and true bypass (circuitry/switch) for seamless effects integration.
Brand Name
On-Stage Stands
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Mini DI Box
1M Ohms
1k Ohms
9V DC, center negative (not included)
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