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  The Music People! Inc.,On-Stage Stands 和 TMP-Pro Distribution 的母公司是麦克风支架和专业音频设备的领先供应商之一,您可链接到整个系列的 On-Stage Stands 产品.

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About On-Stage

A promise of Value and Service!
TMPRO Founding members John Hennessey, Jim Hennessey, Sharon Hennessey
Innovators of the finest musical instrument and mic stands since 1979, The Music People, a division of Jam Industries USA, LLC. has been one of the nation's leading suppliers of microphones and pro audio equipment. The Music People also owns and manufactures On-Stage Stands support stands. Founded on a promise of affordability, durability and innovation, On-Stage Stands products are used everyday in studios, showrooms, and on stages everywhere. Over the years, the brand has grown to include over 300 products in 8 different categories: Guitar, Microphone, Keyboard, Workstation, Rack/Amp/Mixer, Speaker, Lighting, and Band & Orchestra. In each category On-Stage Stands has become a leader, changing the way musicians display, support, and protect their prized instruments and equipment. Today, professionals and amateurs all over the world put their trust in On-Stage Stands.

Product Design

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We've been fortunate to establish very close relationships with the most successful music retailers in our industry. We have listened closely to these customers, and they have helped us develop products that meet the greatest needs in the market. Jim Hennessey and his team of product designers and project coordinators continue to develop some of the industry's most innovative stands and accessories. Many of the products and features that are now so commonly used in music and equipment stands were originally developed at TMP: The first double and triple guitar stands, quick-disconnect weighted microphone stands, speaker stand locking pins... the list goes on and will continue to go on in the years to come. We have a long history of conceiving new high-volume products and improving existing ones, maximizing portability, making them work better, last longer, and cost less.    Contact R&D Department

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Isn't it nice to know that behind the great products you've grown to depend on, there is a company that makes parts available if you misplace something. If something on your stand breaks because of a defect, than we will stand behind our products. Parts are available to end-users through our customer service line or orders placed online. That's what you can expect when you buy a Music People proprietary product like On-Stage Stands and the others in this catalog.    Order Parts

Make Your Mark with our OEM, Custom Logo and Private Label Programs
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TMP works on projects with many music and audio manufactures within the industry, large and small, building lines of accessories that support their core products. These companies trust TMP to manufacture products to their exact standards, and do it at a cost below what they themselves could realize. These cost savings are a direct result of our manufacturing expertise, our factory relationships, and the shear volume of product generated by our proprietary brands and OEM operations. Ask your sales representative which of our products can have your custom logo imprinted on them. We make the process simple and easy. We are proud to be associated with your business and look forward to strengthening our partnership. We also offer Private Label programs to high volume customers. We can utilize your existing graphics or our team of award-winning packaging designers can create a unique look just for you. Inquire about OEM / Custom Logo / Private Label

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