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DB500 - 无源接线盒
  • 单频道,无源接线盒
  • 可将任何高阻抗¼”信号源变为低阻抗 (XLR)信号
  • 优质转换器
  • 接地环路开关
DB100 - Consumer to Pro DI
  • Converts an unbalanced audio input to a balanced, mic-level output signal
  • Integrated 10' cable for ease of reaching audio sources
  • 3.5 mm plug connects to common audio sources such as laptops, tablets, and MP3 players
  • XLR output jack for compatibility with stage snakes and PA-system inputs
  • Volume knob enables adjustment of the output level between the source and amp
  • Transformer and ground-lift switch eliminate electrical and ground-loop noise
  • Passive operation does not require a power supply
  • Rugged metal enclosure ensures reliable performance
DB1050 - 无源多媒体阻抗变换器
  • 立体声1/4' ,3.5mm,立体声RCA和XLR线路输入,单声道XLR Low-Z输出
  • 无源,无需电池或适配器
  • 15dB pad switch 15分贝衰减开关
  • Ground lift switch
  • Hi-Z / XLR selector switch
  • Rugged metal construction 地面升降开关、Hi-Z/XLR选择开关,坚固的金属结构
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