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KB8802B - 键盘/钢琴凳(黑)
  • 1.5“软座装满高密度海绵
  • 皮革座套有隐秘的通风口,保持舒适并保护垫子的松软度
  • 实木结构
  • 适合与数字钢琴或键盘配对使用
KB8802W - Keyboard / Piano Bench (White)
  • 1.5" Padded seat is stuffed with high-density foam
  • Vinyl seat covering features hidden air vents, enhancing comfort and preserving the fullness of the cushion
  • Solid wood construction
  • Simple, yet elegant design pairs perfectly with any piano, digital piano or keyboard
  • Tilt stability tested. TMP is not responsible for injury due to improper use. Bench must be used on a level surface with all four legs touching the ground at the same time.
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